Pattern Tabriz

Tabriz 01 colors

Loosely based on geometric motifs from saddle and storage bags of the many Nomadic tribes that travelled between Mongolia, Persia and Turkey. Similar designs originated in a number of different regions and merged or were adapted and altered to suit local weavers, stitchers and culture.

 TABRIZ size and color options

 On the cross-point website Pattern Page, are three sizes available in this wonderful Kilim pattern. Today I added more companion pillow kits to the Pattern Pages. Colorway 01 alone has 13 options, 02 has 10, 04 has 6, 05 has 5, and 06 has 6. In July we will offer our Semi-Annual Sale at 20% off retail so you can order as many of the companions to Tabriz as you wish at a fantastic price.

Included with every kit are our cross-pointâ„¢ Technique sheets as well as individual instructions for every pattern in the Collection  – how to prepare the jute for stitching in our glorious French tapestry wool, where and how to start, and how to finish. The kit contains large charts in color and symbols, needles, wool and jute fabric.

Like all our Kilim patterns, Tabriz is a lot of fun to stitch!


Happy stitching during June!

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Designer and owner of, my cross-stitch kit business. By profession I am a Landscape Architect near Asheville, NC. I currently have two wordpress blogs, one for and another I named Garden Threads (
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