easy classic Greek pattern to stitch

Classic Greek Patterns to stitch
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classic blue and white Greek patterns

Greek Border 01 and Athene 05


The impact of Greek design in architecture and interiors throughout history over the last thousands of years is well known. To me, the simplicity of Classic Greek design elements means that patterns stitched for pillows are easily combined with other design elements in any room setting. Greek Border patterns traditionally are simple and elegant like my Greek Border shown above. As many of you know from the cross-point website, I have a curiousity about pattern history. Every Pattern Page tells you a story in the top paragraph. In developing this new pattern, I started to investigate and found a great deal of information on the Internet. While to me, Greek patterns will always speak in blue and white, as a reminder of Greek white building facades, blue skies and blue seas, I offer my new pattern, Athena, in a variety of color options. Here I show just one example for Athena 06 in primary colors. More companions are listed on the website page for five other color choices.

Greek Pattern Athena and companions in the cross-point Collection

Athena 06 & Companions

The center in Athena is referred to as a diaper pattern. Wikipedia defines diaper patterns in textiles as “richly decorated fabrics with small geometrical patterns that consist of constant repetition of one or more simple figures or units, evenly spaced.” The Metropolian Museum defines “diaper” in their textile collection as “a pattern formed by small, repeated geometrical motifs set adjacent to one another”. Greek Border patterns, as well as diapers, have been used throughout centuries on pottery and walls. More recently, have even been copied on dresses and belts by prominent couture designers like Gucci and Valentino. Our kits for this design include separate charts for the center for easy stitching.

I hope you enjoy posts and website pages that mention where and how patterns travel around the world over long periods of time. In a previous post I showed on an old hand drawn map how patterns moved around the Mediterranian countries, north and south. You can revisit that post here.

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