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Colors from Meadow & Field – I

Colors of Meadows & Fields

Many of us associate the colors of summer with flowers from roadsides, meadows and fields. Cornflowers, bluebells, yarrows, red poppies, Queen Ann’s lace, golden wheat and waving grasses evoke memories of childhood games and long walks. My own memories center around family picnics where we children were given a competition to gather the most beautiful bouquet of wildflowers while the adults chatted and prepared food.  Years later in the Gran Paradiso National Park in Italy, I hiked with a group of rock gardeners  through a meadow filled quite literally with orchids, daisies, bluebells, buttercups and grasses too numerous to mention. In Idaho I spent a week on a ranch surrounded by an ocean of waist high golden grasses that moved across the meadow like gigantic rolling waves. What must the American prairie of endless open spaces covered with waving grasses have been like? I can only imagine…

Pastels – soft and bright in the cross-point™ Collection – I

Cornflower blue, phlox pink, sundrop and coreopsis yellow, Turk’s cap tangerine,  blood red Wood lily, nearly true blue bluebonnets, sky blue bellflowers, purple and violet asters and sages, greenish white trilliums, meadow rues and Queen Ann’s Lace…. I could go on and on. It seems as if all possible colors in all their many hues and tonal values are found among meadow flowers depending on where you live and time of year. All these colors blend well with all possible shades of green from olive to sage, to blue green, dull green, bright grass green, dark rush green, to near silver of sedum and emerald of evergreen forests. Perhaps these are the colors you enjoy most for your summer color scheme because they conjure up glorious summertime. At cross-point™ we offer a large collection of patterns for stitching in both soft and stronger pastel colors:

Pastel Pillows in the cross-point Collectiontop row, left to right: Basilica 02 colors, Berber Stripe 06 colors, Bergama-02;
2nd row: Bergama-06, Topkapi-02 (at back), Carnation-03, Meadow-05;
3rd row: Tulip & Tulip Border-07 with Honeycomb-06, Meadow-05 repeat & accent;
bottom row: Tulip Stripe-01,  Moghul-01 and Moghul-02 (available in 4 sizes);
Several of these patterns can be used for upholstery.  Berber Stripe and Honeycomb patterns are also available as small rugs.  Please visit the Upholstery and Rugs pages on the website to see all options.

Pastels – Adding Poppy Red and Sunflower Yellow – II

Pillow & Upholstery Patterns in the cross-point Collection

top row left to right: Moghul 03 group, Tabriz-01 (left) with Soumak-05 (in 3 sizes);
2nd row: Log Cabin-02 (in 2 sizes), Celtic Knot-06, Plaid-04 (matches Berber-06);
bottom row: Greek Border-01, Basilica custom Upholstery , Newport Upholstery;
Greek Border can be used horizontally or vertically as pillow or upholstery.

Pastels – adding Midnight Sky and Forest Green – III

Part of summer, and one reason we so look forward to that time of year, are long days followed by warm evenings – warm enough to spend time outdoors under a midnight blue sky filled with stars and flashing lightening bugs. Adding those backgrounds to our pastels, further extends the range of possible summer color combinations:

cross-point pillows - Meadow & Field colorstop row: Morville & Wedding Pillow 04 – you add initials & year for the couple;
2nd row: Morville 01 colors (blues at left), Morville 03 colors (greens at right);
3rd row: Siena 02 at left on oatmeal, 01 in center on tea stain, new 04 at right;
4th row: St. Moritz 01 (pillow or hanging), Tabriz-01,Parma-03,Nilos-02 at right;
bottom row: Tabriz-03 (left), Tabriz-01  (3 sizes available) with Tulip Stripe-04;
The Morville group, based on an Elizabethan pattern, is a magnificent gift to a bride and groom. Using all 4 sizes, they create a fabulous scene for a King size bed and, with the added initials and year of the wedding, are a lasting reminder of a once in a lifetime event.



Colors easily combined with any of our other summer color schemes are those neutrals that occur in grain and grass seeds. Whether swaying in the breeze or shimmering in summer’s heat, wheat, straw and the many shades of off-whites are yet more reminders for some of us of summers past. For me, growing up on a farm in Austria, the scents of fresh cut hay and rye fields always evoke those memories. Threshing time was a big event as neighbors and threshing machines moved from farm to farm and fields were stacked with wheat, rye and hay teepees waiting their turn.  The atmosphere was filled with excitement and we children were called on to help whether in the field, barn or kitchen. Food was prepared for everyone from vegetables and fruit ripe in garden and orchard.

Two of the most versatile patterns in the cross-point™ kit collection are Celtic Knot-05 and Small Chevron-01. The first is in warm beige while the second is more greige in effect. One or the other blends with all pastel patterns shown above as well as colors in previous summer stitching color schemes. Here are just a few:

Meadow & Field Colors - wheat, straw and moretop row at left: Small Chevron #CHSM-01 with Celtic Knot #CEL-01;
top row center: Greek Border #GRE-03 drawing in colors matching #CHSM-01;
top row right: New Game Board #GASM-06 drawing in colors matching #CHSM-01;
row 2 #CHSM-01 & Morocco #MOSM-04 at left and with Pisac #PISA-BP-07 at right;
row 3 #CHSM-01 with Morocco Stripe #MORBP-07 and Oahu #OAHU-02 at left and
with Meadow #MEA-01 and Turin #TUR-02 at right;
row 4: Celtic Knot #CEL-05 & Oahu #OAHU-L-01 at left,  Balouch #BAL-01 at right;
row 5: #CEL-05 & Small Kilim 06 custom at left, & Small Basilica #BASM-01 at right;

Another group of neutral patterns is found in the cross-point™ Animal Patterns selection. All animal patterns, since they are considered “neutral”, will blend with nearly every other design in our Collection and especially with colors from Meadow and Field. Adding fiery red of field poppies, purples of Bachelor’s Button and grapes, straw and deeper golds further expand choices for summer color schemes:

Meadow & Field Colors - Neutrals & moretop row at left Grape w/Leaf Border #GRA-02 &  #GRA-04 at right,
Karakum #KAR-01 & Karakum Back Pillow #KASM-01 at center;
Animal Patterns left to right: Tiger, Leopard, Pony (2 color choices), Zebra;

That concludes my ramblings on stitching cross-point™ Summer Color Schemes. I hope some of my suggestions for colors and color combinations will inspire you to create your own favorites be that blue and white, ocean hues, woodland or mountain, field or meadow.

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