Autumn/Early Winter stitching – Spice Colors


As November progresses to December, our thoughts turn to holidays. Thanksgiving, being one of the major holidays in the USA, is our day of giving thanks for all the bounty nature gave us during the growing season. It is a time for traditional celebrating and family gatherings. Who does not enjoy the scent of cinnamon, allspice, ginger, honey and cream? Or turkey and pumpkin pies baking in the oven? Our kitchens are filled with these aromas that create warm memories for future days and years.

At cross-point we offer an entire collection of color related patterns in warm spice colors that, combined with cream and oatmeal, can be stitched and used all winter long to create a comforting interior color scheme.Fall spice colors for stitchingPatterns shown above
top row, left to right:
Morocco Stripe color 04, Balouch pillow and insert color 06;
2nd row, left to right:
Bergama color 05 (Balouch in back), Anatolia color 04 and Topkapi color 07 in back;
bottom row:
at left, Balouch 06 Long Border on chair back & seat, Balouch Insert 06 pillow;
at right: Small Tabriz & Tabriz Back Pillow color 04