Autumn/Early Winter – Bright Colors

cross-point color schemes for stitching

Fall Foliage

Fall foliage colors in my garden

Autumn here in the Blue Ridge Mountains is a very special time. As I write this, nature is celebrating the end of summer with a bang – an explosion of colors – however brief. The riot of scarlet, pumpkin, orange, gold, bright yellow, chartreuse, deep red, bright green, dark green, blue green, and the clear true blue of the Autumn sky is truly memorable. Seeing these bright colors in my garden against the dark green of Arborvitae, Yews, Hollies, Magnolias and the blue green of Pines, makes me want to jump with joy, wishing it would last forever. My way to memorialize this fleeting moment? Design a collection of color related patterns for pillows, rugs, runners and coverlets for the cross-point kit collection.

Cheerful, bright Autumn colors for stitching – I

To create a room full of color and design related patterns in Autumn’s glorious colors that will cheer you up all the gray months ahead, herewith my choices of bright color patterns to stitch for pillows, rugs and runners. Pillows are available in a variety of sizes ranging from 11″ to 27″, and rugs, runners and coverlets from 23″ to 45″. Please visit the cross-point website to see all available sizes and to the custom services page where I explain in detail my unique offer for customizing my patterns to match your own fabrics and rugs.

bright & dark reds, topaz & gold, grass green & chartreuse, yellow & straw, true blue

Fall colors: tomato,topaz,grass,true bluePatterns in the top two rows:
Celtic Knot color 04; Berber Stripe color 02; Karakum color 04; and Basilica color 03, a group that blends with all of the patterns in this and the following scheme;
3rd row, left to right:
Pisac color 01; Lindisfarne color 01; Zagros color 02;
bottom row:
Morocco Stripe color 02; Plaid color 03;

paprika & dark red, dark green, teal, straw & maize, golden brown, blue spruceFall colors: topaz,tomato,teal,ink

Patterns in top row, left to right:
Tabriz color 01; Parma color 03; Nilos Octagon color 02;
Tabriz Back Pillow color 01; Small Tabriz color 01; Tulip Stripe color 04;
2nd row, left to right:
Tulip and Tulip Border color 01 with Honeycomb color 01;
Morocco Stripe and coverlet color 01;
row 3 at right:
Karakum and Small Karakum color 01; Nilos and Nilos Octagon color 02;
row 4 at right:
Zagros and Zagros Rug color 01; Soumak Back Pillow color 04 (background color in 04 varies from red to yellow depending on size)
row 3 & 4 left:
Newport one color only for upholstery and cushions, Custom Orders only;

light red, dark red, loden green, gold, olive, yellow, chartreuse

Fall colors: pale red,loden,olivePatterns top row on bench, left to right:
Soumak Accent Pillow color 05, Plaid color 04, Morocco Stripe coverlet color 05, Berber Stripe Back Pillow 06;

at far right: NEW Oahu stripe color 05, available in 3 sizes, vertical & horizontal stripe;
bottom row, left to right:
Soumak Back Pillow & Soumak Accent Pillow color 05;
Karakum and Small Karakum color 01;
Grape with Leaf Border color 04. Pillow shown, now also a NEW TABLE RUNNER size.