cross-point Autumn/Early Winter stitching – Grape pattern


a quintessential autumn pattern from cross-point™

vineyardsCelebrated in song, national symbols, historic textiles, engravings and heraldic shields, grapes are the very essence of Autumn across most of our known world.

The top photo, dated 1946, at left is from my Transylvanian family album. Mama is the proud holder of a huge bunch of  grapes. Our Opa was a vintner so the harvest was always a big deal, celebrated not only by the adults but us children. After the grapes were gathered, fires were made, meat roasted, and everyone enjoyed grapes or wine, music, good food,  and lots of conversation, games, teasing and laughter. It was the year before the Iron Curtain came down over Romania and with it, the end of our grape harvests. In 1947 we left for Austria.

Even though it was the end of an era for us, today grapes are grown on sun drenched hillsides for table and a large variety of wines  – from Australia to Europe and the Americas.

Our cross-point Grape with Leaf Border pattern, available as a pillow and long table runner, exemplifies this rich tradition. Pillows are perfect for sofas and large chairs while the runner is the ideal table center piece, especially during the holidays of Thanksgiving and Christmas.cross-point Grape pattern color range

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