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2 color coordinated pillows Morocco Stripe 07 and Pisac 07What is cross-point™?

cross-point™ is a new stitching technique inspired by comments I have often heard (and said myself!)…”There is nothing out there I want to stitch”, or “I like to stitch, but it takes so much time and my life is already so busy”. My search for a method of stitching that is fairly fast, quickly learned, fun to do, and most of all, gives beautiful results,  led me to develop cross-point™ in 1995.

Key points of the cross-point™ Technique:

~ The basic stitch is the familiar (or, if you haven’t stitched before, easy-to-learn) cross-stitch, worked in wool with 100% background coverage. The end result looks like needlepoint, but with a good deal more texture.

~ Rather than stiff canvas or soft fabrics, we use a fabric less rigid than the first and with more body than the second. The thread count of 6-7 stitches per inch is large enough to let you stitch quickly, but small enough to show detail.

~ Cross-point™ does not rack or distort the fabric; therefore, no hoop, frame, or blocking is ever required, making it possible to take the work with you wherever you go.

~ Patterns are stitched by counting. Large charts, printed in both symbol and color, as well as clear individual instructions accompany each kit. Patterns are designed so that elements repeat, over and over, thus reducing time spent counting.

~ Patterns are classified as “X” (experienced) when they require more attention to counting, or “E” (easy) for beginners. The majority of our patterns are unclassified and can be stitched by anyone with a little bit of practice.

More About cross-point™

My patterns are my way of celebrating design elements drawn from the great craft traditions of many different cultures. Designs are offered in a broad range of colors, some vibrant and bold, others more muted and gentle. The speed with which stitching is achieved makes it possible to stitch pillows and rugs, or cover stools, chairs and benches, knowing these pieces will not take years but weeks to complete. Several patterns, including many small items – from eyeglass cases to bags – are easily stitched over a holiday weekend.

Even a complete beginner can learn my cross-point™ technique in two hours. Stitching in a rhythmic fashion on an unpainted canvas has a meditative quality: counting stitches uses the brain; filling in allows time for thoughts. Read more on the home page on the website. Home

Others have copied our name even though cross-point™ is a Trade Mark. While this might seem flattering, there is only one original cross-point. And, as many of our customers have said, there is nothing to compare. To read what confirmed needlepointers and cross stitchers have to say about us, please visit the  Customer Comments page on the website. This comment was received recently:

I have to tell you, your patterns are the best I have seen. In the last few years I have searched everywhere and nothing compares to your work in terms of wonderful patterns with amazing colors and so easy to stitch. I have a hard time finding just one thing to order because I love them all!


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