Color Schemes

Some Thoughts on Color

Color is all about “feeling”

I once read somewhere that color cannot be taught, that it’s innate, like music or language ability. But I believe that it can be developed and that there is no reason to be afraid of color. The effect colors have on our daily life is highly personal. Color is all about “feeling” and the emotions it creates in us. Each person sees color in their own unique way: one person’s “blue” ocean is another person’s “teal”, and one person’s “midnight blue” sky is another person’s “deep purple”.

Summer SchemesBlue & White patterns from the cross-point Collection

Because my background includes training in interior design I tend to visualize my pillows and rugs in room settings and as possible starting points for pulling together an overall color scheme. The beauty about accessories –  pillows in particular –  is that they can easily be changed with the seasons or our mood. Since we are heading into Summer in the Northern Hemisphere, I thought it might be fun to put together a variety of schemes that relate to this seasons. Later in the year other seasons and holiday schemes will be added.

  • Classic Blue & White – I
  • Blues with other colors – II
  • Greens – III
  • Sage & other soft greens – IV

Each scheme lists suggested pattern combinations in the cross-point Collection.

Autumn/Early Winter Schemes

  • Bright & Cheerful colors – I
  • Woodland colors – II
  • Spice colors – III


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