Autumn/Winter stitching – classic colors

color schemes for stitching


Following the riot of colors of October and early November in nature , our woodland begins to turn to warm browns, golden ocher and a few remaining peaches and oranges of understory leaves persistently hanging on. More subdued than earlier color explosions, the remaining hues and tints, infused by the warming rays of the late afternoon sun, are nevertheless a rich and reassuring presence before all color turns somber and winter begins.

For those who prefer these more classic colors, cross-point offers stitching patterns in traditional combinations of hunter green, brass, bronze, grayed olive greens, earthy clay colors of burnt peach and copper, oatmeal, tea leaf, hickory grayed browns and other soft woodsy tones.

 Fall colors: dark green,golden brown,copper,khaki,tanPatterns shown above
top row, left to right:
Anatolia color 02, Basilica color 01, Kilim color 02;
row 2 at right:
Tulip and Tulip Border color 05, Kilim color 02 stool top (same as Small Kilim 02 back pillow);
bottom row:
at left Anatolia color 02 shown as custom upholstery on chair with matching pillow, and
Berber Stripe color 01, Tulip 05 shown with companion Honeycomb color 02;
All of these patterns are available in multiple size options, from pillows to rugs. Please visit the cross-point website Pattern Pages for more information.

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