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My friend Linda just added another cool summer soup – popular forever: Gazpacho
Here is her version:

Linda’s Gazpacho

I just made a fab gazpacho with the usual diced 3 beefsteak tomatoes, 2 cukes,2 red peppers, 1/2 onion and 2-3 garlic. Instead of the sherry vinegar and hot sauce, substitute

2 TB minced chipotle chiles en adobo, make sure to get the sauce with the 2TB. Hot and smoky.

6 TB lime juice
2 Tsp lime zest
fresh cilantro (1/4 cup)
avocado to garnish
along with the # cups of tomato juice (Welch’s the best) 2-5
6 ice cubes
Let it sit 4 hours at least.
Serve with avocado on the top.


(based on recipe in Cooks Illustrated “Great Soups and Stews” – see the full recipe under Sieglinde’s Page-recipes-gazpacho)

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