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Moody ocean on a summer day

Moody ocean on a summer day

 cross-point™ stitching


Lindisfarne in ocean colors

Pattern: LINDISFARNE in ocean colors

Lake or ocean – these colors evoke memories of summertime. From pale icy blues, pale to dark gray blues, pale aqua to turquoise,  deep teals – both green and blue – lake and ocean hues change continuously depending on sunlight reflecting off water early or late in the day, on whether the water is smooth or choppy, how waves break – big or small, and, of course, location. Some of us love walking along the water when it’s calm, others of us enjoy stormy seas. Which are you?
These colors can be both restful and serene or exciting and mysterious.   Our cross-point™ pattern Lindisfarne in 02 colors has all the colors mentioned above – from pale blues to deep teals. Icy blues can be found in patterns Oahu 03, Pisac 07, Triangles 03, Tabriz 06; and deep teals in patterns Oahu 01, Shalimar 01 and, of course,  in Lindisfarne 02.

Read more about summer color schemes on this blog here.

 Happy summer stitching!

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