creating a color scheme with cross-point pillows

Creating your own Color Scheme

winter color scheme for cross-point pillows

A Room of cross-point Pillows

How to create a Color Scheme with cross-point™

Have you discovered as so many have, that stitching with the cross-point Technique© is fast, fun and easy? Are you interested in putting together cross-point patterns to stitch in a cohesive color scheme for an entire room as I have? (photo above is of my own living room in winter).

My Special Offer this month and next is my pattern ANATOLIA  which includes two new colorways on the website Pattern Page. I want to show how easy it is to put together colors and patterns that blend or contrast to create a scheme for an entire room setting.

Anatolia in grayed green brownsAnatolia color 10 in greyed brown greens is based on historic tapestry colors, a neutral appearing collection of colors that can be accented by reds or grayed blue greens for example.

I wrote about that previously under Color Schemes.NEW brown greens & neutrals 72  In addition to Topkapi 09, Basilica 08, Grape with Leaf Border 07, (shown at left), also 12th Century Geometric 05 and Morocco Stripe 08 would work with the Anatolia design. two patterns in greyed brown greens

Option with Reds:

Companion pillows to add contrast will depend on your own personal style and existing upholstery and rugs. If you want to add red as your accent, then I have several suggestions; choices are available in garnet, paprika, coral and spice colors:
red companions to Anatolia 10

Options with sea colors:

Sea colors can range from teals to grayed sages, ice blue sea-foam, grayed blues, to turquoise. Here a few suggestions, more can be found on

Next up, a color scheme for ANATOLIA 09.
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