color coordinated pillows: Tulip & Tulip Border 01, Honeycomb 01 colorsWhat this blog is about…

Welcome to the official cross-point™ blog. Here we can exchange ideas on stitching in the cross-point™ technique – a technique that is fast, fun and easy! We can start discussions on colors, color schemes, pattern sources, answer questions, and so much more.

On my personal page I plan to share my thoughts and ramblings on a variety of subjects such as stitching shortcuts, recipes that are timely and may create more time to stitch, where I get my ideas for patterns, things seen during travels that are somehow stitching related, my background, and whatever else pops into my head as I am writing.

I am, of course, looking forward to your participation and lots of comments and replies to get a discussion going on any subject related to cross-point™. While this blog has an “About” page, you will find much more detailed information on the cross-point™ website. There you will find comments received in the past from both needlepointers and cross stitchers, as well as details on the technique, our policies, and all designs and special offers in the current cross-point™ Collection. Most recently I added the Design of the Month page to the website because stitchers asked for it. Each month the DOM is available at a special discount.