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RED COLORS FOR WINTER STITCHINGRed color scheme - winter room-setting

From the many tones and hues of reds in the landscape, from flowers and fruit, from sunsets to fires, red is the color of life itself. In interiors, for me, red stands for “warmth” – no matter how gray or white it is outside, using red inside instantly creates a cozy and cheerful feeling and a splash of red, as in a stitched pillow, can reinvent a room and create a warm, enveloping scheme for the winter months.

I added a page to Color Schemes for Winter Reds. They range from warm to cool colors, from brick and scarlet to garnet and ruby, from burgundy to raspberry and plum. To read the full article with photos of stitched cross-point™ pillows, please visit the Color Schemes page at

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