– Design of the Month September 2014

Design of the Month

Pattern KILIM for SEPTEMBER 2014

Always at  20% Off Retail, all sizes, all colorsSmall Kilim in 01 colors

It is with great pleasure that I offer you our cross-point™ KILIM pattern this month, it is our most popular pattern to date.

Pattern History

This cross-point™ pattern was inspired by geometric rug motifs from the many Nomadic tribes that travelled between Mongolia, Persia and Turkey. But, the eight-pointed star occurs in nearly all cultures – ancient and recent – and on all continents. From simple wood carvings of African tribes, to elaborate woven textiles of southern Peru, from Arabian and North African knotted carpets and woven textiles, to Asian and Saxon embroideries as well as American Indian sand paintings, this design motif occurs again and again, often surrounded by mystery and mysticism in local cultures. For stitchers the magic of this universal element is in the translation with needle and thread.

In our cross-point technique, this pattern is a lot of fun to stitch! and, it goes fast! Available in seven color choices as a lumbar pillow, 2 sizes of squares – small and large,  and, shown below,  a rug that can be used on beds, table tops and floors.

Kilim 01 colors in pillow and rug

Please visit the website to see all colors and all sizes.

Remember that PayPal will charge the full price plus shipping and I issue the credit for the 20% discount the same day I receive the order from the website. Or you can call your order in by telephone if you prefer.

                                 HAPPY STITCHING!

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