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If you have stitched a cross-point kit for pillows before, you can easily stitch upholstery or cushions for chairs and stools with confidence. That’s the beauty of my cross-point technique – “easy, fast, fun”- guaranteed! Choose from overall repeat patterns, horizontal or vertical stripes, pre-drawn or counted animal patterns. Designs are available in traditional and modern styles.  We show many options on the website.  You can also submit a piece of fabric you want to blend the upholstery colors with and let us suggest appropriate patterns to choose from.


Measuring for upholstery is easy:
For an existing chair seat, measure front to back, including any padding; then measure side to side including any padding. If the chair seat is narrower in the back than at the front, take those two measurements as well. If possible, draw a simple outline on paper using the measurements.
Alternatively, lay a piece of muslin over the chair and follow the seat outline all around with a #2 pencil or magic marker. Stools work the same way. You need to include your padding but we automatically add the wrap around of 1 1/2″ all around.

Sampler pattern on piano benchThe example above is our SAMPLER pattern adapted to a piano bench. The same pattern can be used as a pad (with your own fabric as backing), and can be in any length and width as required by you.

 You can initiate an order with a simple phone call to me at 828-628-2743. Or submit your paper or muslin pattern for fixed sizing and wool quantity calculations to the address on the website. Custom orders are not available in the online store.  As a price guide, the cost is $.30 (30 cents) per square inch and I am waiving the  $25.00 set-up fee during this special offer.  Kit contents for upholstery are the same as for our pillow patterns.


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