cross-point SEMI-ANNUAL Sale June 2016


……to celebrate OUR 20th YEAR of our online presence  – get 20% off during our Mid-year Sale on all cross-point™ kits during June.

Now is the time to stock up on kits for the summer months to come, and, please, add cross-point™ kits to your  wish list!

woodland and Mountain colors

Woodland and Mountain colors

“When working with one of your kits, several adjectives come to mind: delightful, absorbing, addictive, therapeutic, elegant, relaxing..” After 20 years, cross-point™ is still fast, fun and easy!

This and many more comments from happy customers are on the website at under Customer Comments. Please take a moment to review them as well as the cross-point videos on youtube (links shown below). The longed for summer is around the corner and a more leisurely time is at hand. Forget politics, forget all heated debates dominating our daily news, take a moment or hours to sit on the porch or under a tree, and let your mind drift to more pleasant thoughts while your fingers stitch a beautiful heirloom. As many of you are long time cross-point stitchers, take the time to teach someone young or new to cross-point. It can be so satisfying and now is the time with kits available at 20% off Retail.

Meadow & Field crop

Pattern: Moghul (at left) and Soumak and Tabriz (at right)

Lindisfarne - Accent Pillow and Back Pillow

Lindisfarne – Accent Pillow and Back Pillow

Cross-point™ kits are available in 53 patterns in over 300 color choices and in sizes ranging from small to large pillows and rugs. From pattern Anatolia to Zebra, there is a design in colors for every level of stitching competence. No other kit can compare to ours. To stitch your master piece, I supply not only large charts in color and symbol, our new wonderful jute fabric and a generous supply of the best tapestry wool available, but instructions for every single pattern. Included too are four pages of my cross-point™ Technique, with easy to follow diagrams of stitches for beginners. Each kit has everything you need except the finishing materials for backing and trim because I feel those are highly personal choices based on your own color scheme.

summer blues in many pattern choices

summer blues in many pattern choices

Ideas for color schemes can be accessed not only from the website, but the blog and facebook pages. Four videos have been added on youtube. The first video was Kristina stitching cross-point’s PISAC pattern. The new videos are Reviewing the contents of your cross-point™ kit, Before you start stitching with cross-point™, and cross-point™ stitching Technique.

pattern PISAC

pattern PISAC

Recently we posted on our blog a better solution to working on jute without having to deal with loose jute fibers. Please visit the blog post for the information on preparing the jute before stitching. These instructions are included in each kit.

Our shopping cart with PayPal – still the safest service available for credit card processing – makes it easy and convenient to order one of our kits. During our sale, PayPal will initially bill the full retail price and we issue the 20% discount directly to your credit card the same day. This is now the 5th year we are doing it this way since we would otherwise have to change over 600 items on our PayPal shopping cart. There have not been any complaints. You also have the option to place an order by telephone to 828-628-2743, between the hours of 9 to 5PM, Eastern Time, Monday to Friday. By the way, PayPal now also offers a “pay later option” which gives you the opportunity to order a whole year’s kits at the 20% off price, yet pay for them over time.

To all of you, a sincere thank you! I am so grateful for each and every order received throughout the last 20 years. I look forward to your comments and suggestions on the blog. Questions? Please email me at I look forward to hearing from many of you and wish you a wonderful, joy filled Summer.

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 PS Check out the recipes for that delicious Cucumber soup on this blog!

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