cross-point Design of the Month – July/August 2017

cross-point™ Summer 2017beach? mountains? meadows or woods?

Wherever you spend the long-awaited summer months, it’s  time to relax, to be part of the great outdoors, to sit in the shade, favorite summer beverage nearby, perhaps a  “book-on-tape to enjoy while stitching one of our fabulous cross-point™ pillow, rug or upholstery pattern. Whatever your favorite color combination, please visit the color scheme articles on this blog for inspiration. In the Morocco Stripe image below you can see how the pattern adapts to three out of nine possible color combinations. You will find more suggestions here for Sea and Sky, Mountain and Wood, and Meadow and Field.

cross-point Morocco Stripe – three schemes

Need more incentive?

If you place your order through our online shopping cart, drop me an email to cross-point (at) and I will pass a 10% off retail credit back to you via your PayPal account. And check out my  Cucumber Soup recipes – so cool and refreshing on a hot day!

Happy Summer Stitching!







About Sieglinde

Designer and owner of, my cross-stitch kit business. By profession I am a Landscape Architect near Asheville, NC. I currently have two wordpress blogs, one for and another I named Garden Threads (
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