Design of the Month – March and APRIL 2018

DESIGN OF THE MONTH – MARCH & APRIL :  Pattern SOUMAK and Companion patterns at 20% Off Retail

If you took advantage of the SOUMAK Special Offer in March or are just now getting around to ordering this beautiful pattern, I would like to extend the offer to the companion pillows shown on the website Pattern Page for Soumak.   All are available at the same 20% Off discount.

05 colors forest green/red/gold

A traditional Kasakh pattern in the cross-point™ Collection from Central Persia. The bold center motif of the eight-pointed star is a pattern symbol occurring in all cultures, including our American Indian heritage. The history of Kasakh patterns goes back 800 or more years as those Eurasian nomads not only decorated their clothing, wall hangings and yurts but also the land itself as was discovered from space.

Available in 5 color choices and four different sizes from a small Accent Pillow (#SOAC 12″ [31cm] square), to the lumbar back pillow (#SOBP 20″ wide x 13″ high [51x34cm]), and two squares – small (#SOSM 16″ [40cm])  and large (#SOU 20″ [50cm]).

Each one of the patterns shown above vary in the placement of colors from size to size as is shown most clearly in the bottom row above in the Soumak 05 coloration. By stitching all four sizes in the same color number they create their own companion pieces in a room setting. They can also be piled on a bed. As with other Kilim patterns in the cross-point™ Collection, they are a lot of fun to stitch and addictive! Please refer to the pattern page on the website for more options and information.

Regular retail prices range from $139.00 to just $49.00 but with the 20% Off Retail, the prices drop down to just $111.20 to $39.20, plus shipping.

As you know from previous offers, when you order online from the webpage, PayPal will bill the regular retail price and we issue the 20% discount back to your credit card via PayPal when we process the order at our studio. So far, in over 10 years of doing it this way, we have had zero problems or complaints.

Happy stitching in April!

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