Design of the Month – SOUMAK April Follow Up

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As the designer of my cross-point™ pattern collection I often visualize what a pattern group will look like in a room setting. One of the most fun patterns for me to design and color was SOUMAK. In the March blog post I talked about the origin of this historic pattern. The 01 colorway (as do the other colorways) has within its own companions, including the large square not shown above. These colors of blood red and greige would be perfect for leather upholstered furniture or for a masculine office space.  A whole room setting can be build around these colors adding the following additional companions:


The same applies to the other 4 SOUMAK colorways shown on the Pattern Page on the website. Pairings within the pattern, plus additional companion kits in the same color combinations, can create a whole room of cushions.With Soumak o2 colors, red/off white/blue, just changing the background color creates a whole new mood. But pairing the 4 Soumak sizes with additional cushions in the same colors, can be stunning in a room with white or off-white summer slip covers and white sheer curtains blowing in the breeze with open windows.


A very different mood, calm and tranquil, is found in Soumak -03 colors of old blue, navy, custard, honey and cream.


04 colors have a teal accent color with blue ink outlines while 05 accent is light gold with dark green outlines. The same companions would work with either 04 or 05. Please visit the pattern page to see changes in background colors between 04 and 05 colorways. The red is Chinese red, a dark coral-red. A lively and spunky color combination, great for boys, Millennials or anyone who needs a boost of cheerful colors. Just using SOUMAK alone would result in 8 possible color and size options. Add then companion kits in the same colors and you have 12 more cushions resulting in an incredible richness of color and pattern.

With Spring taking forever getting here this year, I hope you will find among all these options a Soumak pattern in colors that please you and then add some companion kits while this Special Offer of 20% off Retail is available. Companion pillow kits must be one of those shown to go with the Soumak kit of your choice.

Happy stitching while we wait for Spring to come!

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