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November was such a busy time with Thanksgiving, followed by Black Friday and Cyber Monday that our special offer may have gotten lost in your inbox. Here is another opportunity to stock up on kits to stitch during Winter’s quiet times.


The new pattern MEDIASCH in 02 colors (true reds, olive, teal, chartreuse, spots of gold on black ground) needed a companion so we restitched KILIM II-01 colors to coordinate. It has already been changed on the web page.

The other addition is to pattern MEDIASCH, #MED-06. Traditional colors of dark and medium blues, with rust reds, dark sand and oatmeal ground, reflect Transylvanian color combinations.old blues, rust, sand, oatmeal colors

Have fun putting together your own group of correlated patterns and colors. We offer a wide range from muted sea spray and beige, to black and white, to bright Mediterranean blues, to soft sages and bright greens, to deep reds and brilliant tomato, gold and bright yellows. From Color Schemes (from the top bar) you can also find inspiration for whatever your personal color preferences are.

Now is the time to add to your collection of cross-point™ pillows, 20% off retail amounts to quite a bit. As with all our special offers, when ordering from the website, PayPal will initially charge the usual Retail cost and we issue the 20% discount back via PayPal as we process the order in house. It’s worked well for over 12 years now. Every order includes your invoice copy advising you of the refund issued. Also, PayPal offers you the option to pay over time.

If you are curious, I am repeating this previous post

As you know from previous blog posts, I enjoy researching the history of universal designs and have written previously about the 8-pointed star that occurs in nearly all cultures across the globe. Recently I found this old map with text that shows how patterns have traveled east to west and north, across mountains and oceans, lakes and rivers. The map is not complete because so many of the same design elements have also appeared in early cultures in South and North America, the Far East, and islands scattered across the oceans. Just as an example, our Karakum pattern has the same elements as pattern Pisac (the first is from North America, the second from South America). On our website cross-point™, I describe each pattern history in a brief paragraph at the top of the page.

How Patterns traveled around the Mediterranean

I wish you many hours of quiet contemplation while stitching. Whether the pattern is easy or more complex, all kits include our cross-point Technique sheets as well as individual instructions to reduce counting, where to start, how to continue, how to finish. Have fun – cross-point™ is fast, fun and easy! and, if you need help, please drop me an email to We will also be sending monthly emails via Constant Contact. The send list is based on emails I have from previous orders. If you do not want to receive these monthly emails, please let me know so I can remove your name from the list.

 Happy Stitching!

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