Design of the Month – September 2021

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Pairing Colors and Patterns to create a Theme

At we make it easy for you to create color schemes for stitching of pillows, upholstery, rugs and runners. On the website we list companion kits for every pattern and colorway.

The Special Offer this month is to choose the starting KEY pattern and then add ONE other pattern or companion design listed in the same coloration to receive 20% Off Retail for both.  Another option is to use one KEY pattern and choose one other size in the same pattern. In the list below, I concentrated on our most popular designs for the KEY pattern, followed by many possible companions.

The most popular patterns are: Anatolia, Balouch, Basilica, Celtic Knot, Helios, Kilim, Kilim II, Morocco Stripe, Pisac, Tabriz, Lindisfarne. All of them are available in a variety of sizes to choose from. You get the idea.


Berber Stripe 02

Key Pattern: Berber Stripe 02 and

Option for ONE companion kit:

Balouch 07, Celtic Knot 04, Helios 01, Basilica 09, Pisac 01, Triangles 05, Morocco Stripe 02,
Karakum 04
, Lindisfarne 01

sage greensKey Pattern: Oahu 02

Option for ONE companion kit:

Celtic Knot 03, Morocco Stripe 07,

sea spray gray bluesKey Pattern:Kilim 06

Option for ONE companion kit:

 Pisac 03, Kilim II 05, Tabriz 06,

mediteranian blues and white

Helios 04

Key Pattern: Helios 04

Option for ONE companion kit:

 Triangles 04, Morocco Stripe 09,
 Lindisfarne 04



As with all our Special Offers, PayPal will bill the full retail price and we issue the discount back via PayPal when we process the order in house. You can also call your order in to 828-628-2743 if you prefer. Please leave a message so we can return your call.

Happy Stitching in September!

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  1. Brigitte says:

    Beautiful way to go from summer into fall

  2. Sieglinde says:

    Thank you! which pair would you pick to stitch?

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