cross-point summer stitching – Blue & ocean hues

Blues & Ocean colors in the cross-point™ kit collection

What evokes more memories of summertime… waves, sun and cerulean skies? Ocean hues change continuously depending on sunlight reflecting off water, smooth or choppy waves, location, sand color, location – Caribbean or more northern shores. Some of us love walking on the beach when waters are still while others of us occasionally enjoy stormy powerful waves.

Long Oahu Back Pillow 01 with Shalimar 01 Pillow

Color possibilities

From pale icy blues, turquoise, teals – both green and blue, to pale and dark grayed blues and greens – these colors can be both restful and serene or exciting and mysterious. Adding colors of a sunset reflecting on the water surface or sand as seen through waves lapping at water’s edge, whether pale or dark, can create yet a different mood for your summer interior color changes. Read the full article under Color Schemes – Summer here.

Following the summer scheme “sea & sky” will be blue with sparkling yellow, to be followed by summer colors  of Mountain & Wood (greens and sages), and finally Meadow & Field (summer pastels).

I hope you enjoy these ramblings on color schemes. I would love to know what your favorite summer colors are and if you change your interior colors for summer. How do you create a “cool” color scheme to cheer you up during the “dog” days?

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