cross-point Summer Color Schemes for stitching

Blue & White – part I

A group of blue & white patterns from the cross-point kit collectionThe first part of the new heading in the blog under “Color Schemes” is complete under the subheading of “Summer”. Part I begins with that perennial favorite combination “Blue & White”, the quintessential scheme for ocean, lake and river homes. To me blue and white are great summer colors anywhere – they are cool and serene yet refreshing. Part II will be schemes using blue as the base color but adding ocean colors, including the many colors of “sand”. Next is blue and yellow, (III); followed by sages and  greens under the heading “Mountain & Wood (IV); and last, “Meadow & Field” (V) which includes not only blues but also pastels of summer flowers and grasses.  All of these speak to me of Summer. Read the full article here.

One can combine any number of blues. I once read somewhere that all blues go together but I have found that those either to the left or right of true blue harmonize beautifully. When you mix them it becomes more difficult. Have you ever bought a “navy” sweater to go with “navy” pants and when you got home found that the two navies were on opposite sides and didn’t blend at all? Cool blues are on the right side of true blue on the color wheel and so from icy blue to darkest navy they will all blend. Those to the left of true blue on the color wheel (towards red) will also blend from grayed warm baby blue to darkest more purplish navy.

Later other seasons will be added but for now, since we are in the Northern Hemisphere and Summer is just starting, this seems like a good place to begin my ramblings on color.

What are your favorite summer colors?

Most of us empty our wardrobes and closets of winter clothes when summer starts. Do you change your colors in your interiors to add a summery atmosphere? Do you add pillows or rugs to your porch or terrace/patio? Do you carry your pillows to your picnic areas? I am curious and so I look forward to your comments and replies.

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  1. Kristina says:

    I wore a blue and white Romanian blouse yesterday (purchased when I was 14 and stretched to grow with me to 47) and felt very summery!

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