cross-point Summer stitching – colors from Mountain & Wood

SUMMER COLOR SCHEMES FOR STITCHING – MOUNTAIN & WOODa group of Mountain & Wood pillows from the cross-point Collection

 woodland floor colorsContinuing with Summer Color Schemes for stitching, perhaps your summers are spent in the mountains and on hiking trails in nearby woods and their associated colors are your favorite for your summer scheme.  From rock and stone covered with lichen and moss, to woodland ground with ferns and wildflowers, to grays and browns of tree trunks, to the many greens of coniferous and deciduous shrubs and trees – always a reminder of nature, these colors are restful and serene.

colors from Mountain and WoodHere are a few examples of the great color variation we can find in Mountains and Woods and there are many pillows as well as patterns for rugs and upholstery  in the cross-point™ Collection available in these colors. Read the full article here….

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  1. Brigitte says:

    I’m reminded of the many hikes we’ve done in Austria amidst the various colors of summer. What wonderful memories!

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