Summer Scheme for cross-point stitching


I’ve been perusing some magazines to see what kinds of summer color schemes they’re showing. I came across several pages of blues and whites, sky and ocean colors combined with softest sage and creams and other neutral tones in the June and July issues of Veranda and Elle Decor that I thought extremely pretty. Here is a combination of cross-point™ patterns that would work beautifully in such a scheme:

Group of cross-point patterns in sea & sky colorsAll 3 patterns are available in more sizes than shown above – from squares, large and small; to oblong back pillows, large and small.  The wool colors are identical in all three patterns ranging from icy blue to palest sage, off white and silver to grayed greens.

Above, left to right: Pisac #PISA-03, Oahu #OAHU-03 and Tabriz #TASM-06
Please visit the website for all possible size options.

About Sieglinde

Designer and owner of, my cross-stitch kit business. By profession I am a Landscape Architect near Asheville, NC. I currently have two wordpress blogs, one for and another I named Garden Threads (
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