cross-point recipe – Transylvanian Green Bean Soup

Transylvanian Green Bean Soup

This Transylvania Saxon recipe was a favorite summer soup in our family. Mama had a huge vegetable garden and fresh green beans were  available all summer long. We all loved this soup because it was usually followed by a summer fruit pudding.

To view the recipe, visit the blog under Sieglinde’s Page – Recipes.

I also added another favorite soup to the blog for Autumn – Apple Soup. You may be wondering…Apple Soup? Yes, and it’s delicious – I promise!

Both of these soups can take the place of an evening meal, especially when preceded by a green salad and followed by some sort of pie or cobbler. Forever striving to come up with meals quickly prepared so I can have more time for stitching, I think these two soups fit the bill nicely. Bonne appetite!

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One Response to cross-point recipe – Transylvanian Green Bean Soup

  1. Brigitte says:

    I remember trying to make green bean soup for our ungrateful brothers when Mama was in the hospital. Of course it didn’t taste like hers….we were only 10 or 12 and couldn’t cook yet!


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