cross-point recipe – Transylvanian Green Bean Soup

Transylvanian Green Bean Soup

This Transylvania Saxon recipe was a favorite summer soup in our family. Mama had a huge vegetable garden and fresh green beans were  available all summer long. We all loved this soup because it was usually followed by a summer fruit pudding.

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Green Bean Soup (Transylvanian)

I also added another favorite soup to the blog for Autumn – Apple Soup. You may be wondering…Apple Soup? Yes, and it’s delicious – I promise!

Both of these soups can take the place of an evening meal, especially when preceded by a green salad and followed by some sort of pie or cobbler. Forever striving to come up with meals quickly prepared so I can have more time for stitching, I think these two soups fit the bill nicely. Bonne appetite!

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