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Basilica 02 colors

cross-point BASILICA pattern

Recently I was asked to help a friend find a new sofa. Both of us were surprised by the selection at a local furniture store: new sofas are HUGE, some as deep as a lounge or day bed. Some sofas are so deep you need help getting up which reminded me that large pillows can shorten that distance. Looking through the pages of decorating magazines I have noticed pillows are large and often come up to the height of the back and even higher if the back is low. Large sofas and chairs beg for large scale pillows, at a minimum 18 inches (45 cm), and anything less than that is strictly an “accent”. On most sofas 20″ and 22″ (50 to 55 cm) pillows are not too large. Piling wonderful richly textured cross-point™ stitched pillows stuffed with lofty down and feather on a sofa makes such a luxurious statement. Some people instinctively remove pillows before settling down but, unlike synthetic stuffing, the beauty of feather pillows is that they mold themselves to the person so they don’t need to be removed before sitting down.


Long Oahu in 01 colors

Long Oahu in 01 colors

There are so many ways to use large pillows, square or long. One visual feast comes to mind – piling stitched pillows on a bed for example. Especially Queen and King size beds. They take up so much space in a room and can be so bland but adding pillows with a lot of color not only cheers up the room, it also invites leaning into the back with a favorite book or watching a good movie.

Sampling of Long Pillows

Sampling of Long Pillows

Large pillows have so many other uses. Conjuring images of Arabian Nights, pillows piled in front of a fireplace on a wintry night or on a porch floor in the heat of summer….or piled outdoors on a worn Kilim rug for a picnic. What freedom to be able to carry your pillows just about anywhere to create the luxurious atmosphere you and your stitched pillows deserve. No matter where you take your pillows, cross-point™ is incredibly sturdy and not easily damaged!

Sampling of Large Square Pillows

Sampling of Large Square Pillows

Quick List of Patterns available in large sizes on the cross-point™ website:
Basilica 20×20″, Game Board 20×20″, Kilim 23×23″, Karakum 23×23″, St.Moritz 21×21″, Sampler 20×22″, Berber 21×21″, Moghul 20×20″ and 23×23″, Lindisfarne 23×23″, Morville  and Morville Wedding Pillow 20×20″ and 24×24″, Kilim II 19×19″, Nilos 23×23″, Soumak 20×20″, Topkapi 20×20″, Pony and Zebra 20×20″ or larger; wide pillows: Siena 28×15″ high, Oahu 27×15″ high, Karakum Long 29x 14″high, Pisac Long 26×14″ high, Chevron 27×12″ high, Morocco 30×12″ high. All of the patterns shown above are available in many different colors and have companion pillows in smaller sizes. Also, please remember, at cross-point™ we offer not only custom colors but custom design. Many of our lumbar (“good for your back”) pillows are easily extended to wide sizes to fit King size pillows. Revisit Color Schemes from the link at the top for inspiration!

Happy Stitching!

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