Design of the Month – November 2017

November 2017 – Pattern ZAGROS
always at 20% Off RetailZagros multicolor pillow and rug

Zagros (ZAG-01 colors above) is my adaptation of a rug pattern from the talented nomadic Quashquai of south-west Persia. The “chequer” pattern with intricate lacy border motifs is typical of their work, as is the great number of colors used in their patterns.  At cross-point™ we offer both a small rug as well as a pillow in two lively color combinations to stitch for Autumn, our most colorful out-of -doors season and, as well, to provide a cheerful setting during gray Winter months. You won’t get bored stitching this pattern – it is both simple and intricate.Take advantage of this generous offer by ordering both pillow and rug today!
Zagros 02 colors (at right) are bright and happy with a dark green ink background. The rug, #ZAGR-02, is also available.Zagros 02 colors, multi bright with ink background

Pillow (size 19″x14″high)  regular price $99.00, SPECIAL OFFER $79.20;
The Rug (size 24″wide xx 35″long) is     $229.00, SPECIAL OFFER $183.20

For those of you anxiously waiting for our Annual Special Offer coming up in December, the following companion pillows to Zagros are included in this month’s DOM Special:

Anatolia 09, Basilica 09, Pisac 01,Tabriz 01,
Triangles 05, Soumak 04, Nilos 02, Balouch 07, Balouch Stripe 03, Karakum 04,
Morroco Stripe 02, Berber Stripe 02, Celtic Knot 04;

Ordering online is easy via the website and our Buy Now button. PayPal will bill the regular retail price and we issue the 20% discount when we process the order in-house. This system has had zero problems since its beginning 10 or more years ago.

Happy stitching!






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1 Response to Design of the Month – November 2017

  1. Brigitte says:

    The lively colors will keep the stitcher entertained!


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