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Postcard mailed today to everyone on our list

Postcard mailed today to everyone on our list


I launched cross-point™ 21 years ago – and how the time has flown! What began as a personal hobby has blossomed into a craft I have shared with stitchers around the world.

Just in time for holiday gift-giving (especially if the recipient is you!), I invite you to try cross-point™ now at 20% off retail during our 21 year celebration! Give a kit to a friend, then get together to stitch, laugh, chat – a beautiful way to spend time together….

I am often asked how cross-point™ came about. A detailed history can be found on my blog post at, but here’s the answer in a nutshell: I had a dream of designing pillows using a technique I had learned as a child in Transylvania. While researching patterns for the collection, I spent time at the New York Museum of Art’s Fabric Research Library, as well as at the Textile Museum in Washington, D.C. I fell in love with the visual splendor of stitched works not just from Transylvania but from many countries. (And I’m still falling in love with patterns from around the globe.)

With cross-point™, I marry my easy technique with patterns from around the world and across history, using designs and colors that work for today’s interiors.

I often get emails from stitchers telling me how much they enjoy cross-point™, most recently someone wrote they get depressed when there is nothing to stitch. Others write:

“When working with one of your kits, several adjectives come to mind: delightful, absorbing, addictive, therapeutic, elegant, relaxing.”

“I will never go back to needlepoint! I just love this — and, don’t forget to tell everyone how fast it goes!”

“I’d never stitched anything. But the technique was not hard to learn and the pillow I made was just gorgeous. You would never know the pillow was stitched by a novice!”

Getting started with cross-point™ is easy

No other kit can compare to a cross-point™ kit. To help you stitch your heirloom masterpiece, I supply large full-color charts, our new wonderful jute fabric, a generous supply of the best tapestry wool available, and complete instructions, including easy-to-follow diagrams of stitches for beginners. Every kit has everything you need except the finishing materials for backing and trim, because I feel those are highly personal choices.

I know you will discover, as many have, that cross-point™ is fast, fun and addictive!

You can do cross-point™ just about anywhere

Since you’re not using a frame or hoop, you can stitch while on the phone, watching television, sitting in a waiting room or by someone’s bedside, on an airplane – basically whenever your hands are free. The jute fabric is easily folded or rolled and the charts are large and easy to read. Many people hesitate to do a “counted” stitch, but my patterns are designed so that elements repeat over and over. Even a complete beginner can learn my technique in two hours!

You’ll find patterns and colors to match any decor

Cross-point™ kits for pillows and rugs are available in 53 patterns in over 300 color choices and in sizes ranging from small to large pillows, including the new wide width as shown in popular home decorating magazines. From Anatolia to Zebra, there is a pattern in colors for every home and every level of stitching competence – ALL available at 20% Off Retail during to December 2017.

You can also take advantage of my design services and custom colors. Pillow shams, runners, upholstery for chairs and stools, even a headboard – if you can dream it, I can design it. And during December, I waive the set-up charge for custom colors.

Have questions? Please email me at

I look forward to hearing from you and wish you a wonderful, Happy Holiday season filled with happy stitching hours!

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