Design of the Month – Special Semi-Annual Offer

Mid-Year Special Offer – June 2018summer options

cross-point™! is fast, fun and easy!
We still offer the best materials – elegant French tapestry wool and
our new jute fabric is a dream to stitch on!

Whether you spend your next few months or weeks in the mountains, at the beach or on you own porch, I invite you to take advantage of this semi-annual offer at 20% Off Retail – cross-point™ kits in any size, any color, any pattern from the website Pattern Pages. Choose from  54 patterns, over 300 color options, squares, rectangles, small and large, including our new wide sofa and bed pillow sizes. Here are just a few photos to inspire you:

blues and soft sea spray

Summer blues – sky and ocean

colorful pastels and greens

woods and meadows colors

This Special Offer is valid all of June. Online orders from the website  are processed through PayPal. They will initially bill you the existing Retail Price and we issue the 20% discount back through them to your credit card when we process the order in our studio. If you prefer, you can also call an order in to us at (828) 628-2743, 9-5PM EST, Monday-Friday or send me an email to

Once again, thank you so much for your loyalty and support over the last 21 (going on 22!) years. Thanks to you, we are still here, and as excited about cross-point™ as ever.

Happy, joyful Summer!


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