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As I mentioned in my Design of the Month – August 2022, wide pillow kits for sofas, loveseats or beds, are available in several cross-point™ patterns in many color choices and size options. I previously also wrote a blog post on “the fast, fun and easy way to stitch Wide Pillows”. On the cross-point™ website I may call a wide pattern Large, Long or Wide and the sizes range from 11 inches to 20 inches in height, and up to 30 inches in width. Some tuck into the space between seat and back while others are specifically designed to fit American Standard Pillow sizes. Both colors and size options are also available for custom orders.

a selection of wide pillows

A selection of Wide Pillow kits


I also wrote about large square pillow kits in a previous blog post.The large squares are most suitable for use on beds or super large and deep sofas. They too will support the spine depending on a firm but soft filling. If you enjoy watching movies or working in bed they give support and prevent slouching. There are many patterns available from the website Pattern Pages, ranging in size from 20 x 20 inches to 24 x 24 inches. Just a few examples below:

Our “Good For Your Back” pillow kits

Cross-point™ cushion kits give you so many options to support your back, prevent fatigue and stress on your muscles, you really just need to decide which size fits your needs, is right for where you are using it, and is comfortable. Stuffing for pillows can be feather/down, memory foam, polyurethane foam, Buckwheat or Latex, whichever is your personal preference. Maintaining good posture is essential for your health and lumbar pillows are excellent because they work wonders for your spine. Ideally, your “Good for your Back” finished pillow will not only do that but give you the pleasure of having created something unique to you – your own high end designer lumbar support.

I would love your comments on these two August blog posts. I wish you happy hours of stitching, enjoy the meditative quality cross-point™ can bring to you!




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