Design of the Month – December Annual Sale

20% Off Retail on all patterns

balouch chair with insert

Balouch pillow insert and Long Border

This Annual Sale of 20% off Retail is my way to thank you for your past support and the courage you give me to continue offering cross-point kits. After all these years I still enjoy stitching my samples, developing new colors and patterns. Most of all, I enjoy your comments. Being a small one woman business I read and respond to all. During the Annual Sale, I also offer you the option of custom colors at no extra charge. Please visit the website page CUSTOM SERVICES for more information. The website has many examples. We list companion patterns for every design so you can create color schemes for entire rooms.

If you find yourself under stress, you can create and change your environment with a cross-point kit. Guaranteed! It will make you smile every time your eyes fall on what you have created. And if you are stitching to give to someone else, you are creating magic as every stitch will be infused with your love for them. While I give you the parts to execute your master piece, you will feel enormously creative as you put needle and thread into a beautiful work of art. Your comments have confirmed that.


Oahu, Celtic Knot, Shiraz

There are 57 Patterns in over 300 color choices for you to choose, in colors from soft pastels and neutrals, to brilliant reds, greens and blues.

old blues

Pattern: Basilica

Pattern: Kilim


Studies by clinical neuropsychiatrists have proven that repetitive action of needlework can induce a relaxed state that is associated with meditation and yoga. But unlike meditation or yoga, your activity results in a useful product, a piece of art created by you that will enhance your self-esteem. Stitching a counted pattern that has repetitive elements in the design also allows your brain to solve other problems. You will not be bored, not reaching for snacks while your hands are busy. Further, research suggests that crafts, like stitching, may help to stave off decline in brain function with age.

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Happy Stitching throughout the winter months!


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Designer and owner of, my cross-stitch kit business. By profession I am a Landscape Architect near Asheville, NC. I currently have two wordpress blogs, one for and another I named Garden Threads (
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